Carrie Cunningham

Author of Meaning Train: Essays on Religion and Politics


"What our deeply divided world needs is a fresh and welcoming approach to connection with others. Carrie Cunningham’s talent is opening doors and inviting us to accompany her as she encounters fascinating people and places. Along the way, we gather the context that helps us understand the beloved community that our world so desperately needs. Carrie’s love of stories—from personal narratives to great books—rubs off on us as we travel through these pages. When you finish her book, you’ll want to go out and meet new people and read some of the books she recommends. This book is an invitation to an ongoing adventure."
David Crumm, editor of ReadTheSpirit magazine 

"Carrie Cunningham’s book, Meaning Train, is an important and insightful contribution to the ongoing conversation about the very real struggle for human rights in the 21st century. As an anthology of her previously published essays, it is filled with anecdotes of hope, courage and principled faith. Cunningham’s anthology comes at a time when we are all looking for encouragement to stay engaged in a struggle of seemingly insurmountable odds and relentless challenges. Cunningham’s writing steels the prophetic voice for social action, reminding us of the foundation we stand on, forged in fire by our forebears in the struggle."
James Waddell, Associate Professor New Testament, Ecumenical Theological Seminary

"Meaning Train by Carrie Cunningham is an intriguing, thought-provoking book...As an advocate for love and nonviolence, (Cunnngham) is successful, offering insightful hope for future peace and understanding...(The book) is a memorable and distinctive compilation of short essays."
Ray Walsh, Lansign State Journal 

"Carrie Cunningham's Meaning Train is brilliant and beautifully written, covering a diverse range of topics with deep insight and fresh vision."
—Alethea Black, author of You've Been So Lucky Already: A Memoir