Carrie Cunningham

Author of Meaning Train: Essays on Religion and Politics

Meaning Train

Meaning Train
Essays on Religion and Politics
Published by Archway Publishing
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"Carrie Cunningham's Meaning Train is brilliant and beautifully written, covering a diverse range of topics with deep insight and fresh vision." — Alethea Black, author of You've Been So Lucky Already: A Memoir

Meaning Train is a collection of essays, based on books and interviews, that counter the divisive practice of subjugating others. It reveals a benign moral compass in which anyone who wants to improve the world can follow. 

The inspiration for the book is the idea of a beloved community honed during the in the 1960s civil rights movement. Based on the example of Jesus Christ, the notion guided leaders like Martin Luther King in addition to John Lewis and Fannie Lou Hammer. Together, with love and care in their hearts, they ended the segregation laws of Jim Crow and black disenfranchisement.

The book outlines the issues for our era with ideas of human dignity. They include the struggle for racial equality in America and South Africa; the agony of the Holocaust and the battle for peace among Israelis and Palestinians; the lives of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ and Christian feminist theology; the morally right fight against Islamophobia and the need for pluralism in the Middle East; and, the contributions of historian David McCullough and politician Bobby Kennedy.  

The panoply of essays will captivate and stir the human soul. 

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